Tomato Bread

Tomato bread or ‘pa amb tomàquet’ in the local parlance, is as quintessentially Catalan as F.C Barcelona, Antonio Gaudi and Castellers (those crazy people who build human towers with three year olds on top).

Breakfast, lunch, dinner, picnic, snack or midnight feast, there is never a wrong time to eat this deliciously simple fare. Easy to knock together, even for those of you who become a danger to the civilised world when you go near a kitchen.

So here we go, full on Pa amb Tomàquet

Grab the following ingredients:

  • Fresh rustic bread, loaf or stick, whatever floats your boat.
  • Some really squiggy red tomatoes
  • Couple of garlic cloves (works better if you peel them)
  • Extra virgin olive oil
  • Salt (sea, if you want to show off)

Step 1 – Cut your bread into whatever size you want!

Step 2 – Toast it (now you don’t have to do this, but it gives the bread a sturdiness that comes in handy and being droopy in public is not cool)

Step 3 – Rub your peeled garlic on one side of the toasted bread (a light rub will suffice, but if you are not planning on any post meal tonsil hockey, go as mad as you like)

Step 4 – Cut your toms in half (equator-wise not pole to pole)

Step 5 – Lovingly rub the open side of your tomato into the bread (same side as the garlic of course) get a really good, wet coating

Step 6 – Slosh your olive oil on top of the tomato mush

Step 7 – A good ol’ sprinkling of your salt of choice.

Step 8 – Throw it on a plate (and charge 50€ if you are on Las Ramblas)

Thats it, happy days.

The more adventurous amongst you may like to experiment further and add more toppings; jamon iberico, anchovies, chorizo and the like, but quite frankly if you wanted a pizza you can order one from Dominos.